Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Few Pictures

Pucky Twins!!! (well, technically cousins but born the same day)

Daddy's Girls

Grass tickles

I stole Charlotte's cup hehehe

Tucking in the dolly

Sisterly Bonding

Picking Berries w/ Pops

No nap = Sleeping Charlotte at the dinner table

A birthday tea picnic for Zelie

Running away!!!

Eating cheerios like a big girl!

Cooking with Tilly

Homemade bagels

Long enough for french braids!

A fancy dinner party at Tilly's

Fluttering or something...

Summer is winding down and I'm getting very excited about fall! Cooler weather, sewing projects etc. are being planned... But before that we have a few exciting weeks left of summer. Zoey and I are tagging along on Eli's birthday trip to the PA Renaissance Fair this weekend and I'm sooo excited. And next week is the county fair and I think Charlotte might be big enough for some of the rides and I know she'll love the animal barns. "Cow, beef cow!!!" The things her daddy teaches her!! She is talking so much now and is very expressive with her facial expressions its very cute!!! Zoey was fussing yesterday and I sent Charlotte over to sing to her to try and keep her happy for an extra 30 seconds and she came running back "Mommy Zoey needs you!!!" From the kid who at the beginning of summer could not hardly say a 2 syllable word!!! Oh how fast they grow!!! And my Zoey is now 6 months and sits on her own and can safely get herself from a sitting position to a crawling position. And she can sort of move...kind of looks like an inch worm while doing it and does not get very far ( few inches) before getting very very mad...but its moving!

And my little house is much more functional than it was a few months ago! I've been trying Flylady! And I'm starting the baby steps again because I got sidetracked. But a few weeks ago I had unexpected company and only 1/2 an hour warning and I was able to quickly make it company ready!! So its definite progress and I just have to keep plodding along and reminding myself it doesn't have to be perfect!!! And I don't feel like I'm constantly cleaning and if I do it in 15 minute chunks and take breaks I'm not exhausted and I have time for the kids. I have even learned to cook some more things-- last nite's dinner was hamburgers from scratch and homemade rolls with baked potatoes...it was late but it was good...babysteps!!!