Thursday, October 25, 2007


"I'm a big girl now!"

"Big girls have cell phones and watch movies, didn't you know?"

Zelie came to visit a few weeks ago and the girls had a blast watching Signing Times and eating chicken nuggets and fries! They even took a nap!

I finished Lottie's first set of jammies on Monday. They turned out really well. The feet need tweaking but I may just decide that socks work just as well and leave the feet off.

Here are some of the Baby Joe pics. And no, Lottie is not trying to eat him, just giving kisses!

Our visitor, Luke!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Welcome Baby Joe!

Joseph Haynes Hassett Jr. was born on Sunday October 21, 2007 at 11:30 am. He's 8lbs 3 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Congratulations to Joe and Olivia!!! Lottie and I got to go meet him yesterday. He's a very sweet baby and Lottie had lots of fun giving him hugs and kisses. She decided that she needed to have the boppy on her lap and hold him. At one point she even lifted up her shirt, like come on I know how this works!

I'll post the pictures later once our exciting morning calms down a bit. Louie's new dog Luke showed up on my porch this morning so he is hanging out in the kitchen until they can come get him later. Lottie likes dogs but Luke still concerns her so we are working on saying hi to the nice doggie and not freaking out every time she turns around and sees him.

Friday, October 19, 2007

It's a Girl!

We went in for our midwife appointment yesterday and had our ultrasound. She is definitely a girl! Everything looks great and we should get to meet our little Zoey Marie sometime in the middle of February! We are so excited! Lottie is a little confused but she is only 16 months so I can't really expect her to really understand.

Lottie's latest games involve feeding and giving her dollies drinks. And Wednesday night she decided that the baby in Mommy's tummy needed a drink. I got excited thinking maybe she understood but then the baby in her tummy needed a drink. Oh well!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pretty Fabrics & Lottie's New Dress

This is Lottie's newest jumper. I completed it all by myself and it even has a lining and a zipper! Special thanks to Tilly for all your past help and the pattern! A year ago I had no clue how to work a sewing machine! Miss Lottie was sleeping so I had to settle for a picture on the hanger.

Now for the fabric....

This is a flannel I got from the little Mennonite fabric shop on our Orchard trip. I'm going to make a nice snuggly baby quilt out of it. Lottie likes to hug it already.

The rest of these I got at the the 50% off Red Tag Sale at JoAnn's a few weeks ago--

Very soft fabric, probably be used for a purse or something for myself.

This was so pretty I had to buy the last 2 yards they had of it. I will probably use it to recover my desk chair or make a pretty runner for the dining room table.

These are seersuckers for Lottie's summer wardrobe!

Fun remnants!

Probably a dress for Lottie

These are for Lottie's big girl quilt

Flannel remnants for fun!

For Eliza's Christmas present. Don't worry she picked it out!

Orchard Pictures

Wait for me guys!!!

So this is a pumpkin... hmmm... what do we do with it?!?

Tilly and Jenny picking the perfect pumpkins!

I will help!!!

Not an orchard picture but, Lottie has been learning to eat with a fork this week =) Yummy Mac N Cheese with ketchup!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy October!

Lottie showing off her stylish shades

I love fall and today it is finally starting to feel like it is has arrived =) It's been extremely warm here lately. We've had a busy few weeks. Lottie and I went with Gram to Roanoke to borrow some clothes from my sister for Lottie. We went to a few of the consignment shops too. I found Lottie a very cute shirt and sneakers for $4 total =) And when we got home she got to go grocery shopping with Daddy so Mommy could have some time by herself. It's good thing she likes her carseat!

The flowers my Monkey got me when I got home

Last week was spent mostly trying to get Lottie back on a nice napping schedule to try to fix the bedtime issues we've been having at night. Slowly making progress and I am starting to get my evenings back again, I know short lived since the new baby will be here in a few short months. I am already over the half way point and we go for our ultrasound next week =) Maybe this baby will cooperate better than Miss "80% sure it's a boy." I can hope, right?

We went to Uncle Max's super, fun, Pirate birthday party on Friday. We dressed in pirate costumes and had a treasure hunt. We ate a pirate cake and opened presents out of the "Pirate Chest." Little kid birthday parties are the best!

Lottie trying on her costume

I finished the last of Lottie's jumpers for winter on Saturday, but apparently forgot to take a picture of it so that will have to be the next post. And I actually started a birthday present more than three days before the party =) And it's about halfway done with three weeks to go, very proud of myself about that. It's the little things. I have few more things to make for Lottie, some Christmas presents, and then I can start making things for the new baby. Lots to do and so few nap times these days since she is down to one a day.

Yesterday was a very fun day for us. Nana/Laureen called us as we were getting breakfast to invite us to go the orchard and to Dayton with them. So we quickly ate and gathered our things because who wants to stay home and clean when there is fabric to see and pumpkins & apples to pick! The kids and Nana went and picked some apples off the trees while Tilly and I and our littles picked our pumpkins. Hills, 1 year olds, and pregnant women do not go well together so we stayed at the bottom. We each got a pumpkin, some cider, a mum and I think there were two rather large bags of apples too.

Then we went to the the two fabric stores in Dayton. The first one was sooo expensive and everything was sooo pretty I couldn't decide ever how to limit my decision making process to pick any one of them. They do carry the coffee fabric that I want to use to redo my kitchen with=) So I got to see that in person and I found another purse pattern that I want to try but they were out of it so I'm going to track it down online. But at the second one I found a pretty neutral flannel to use for a baby quilt.

I'll load more pics later. Blogger seems to be having some issues letting me put them up =(