Monday, January 26, 2009

So I've been a little busy...

Well, the planned part of my quilt top is done but it isn't wide enough so I'm going to add a few rows. But in the mean time my Charlotte has been loving her new bed from her Opah. It is in her words "the pretty new princess bed that he brought on his truck". And it is quite lovely but her baby quilt doesn't quite fit so of course that means the mama gets an "excuse" to make a new, bigger one. And it is in progress, and will be complete as soon as my machine tension and I are in sync. I also have grand plans for wall hangings and making my parents a quilt for the spring.

The girls are getting bigger by the second it seems. Zoey's 1st birthday is coming up fast. Her default is now to walk, not crawl. And she has been starting to show interest in climbing!!! Charlotte is experimenting with having rest time rather than napping everyday. It's an adjustment but it's one less thing for her to test boundaries with. At least so far...

Sunday, January 11, 2009


King size quilt is almost done--16 out 19 rows complete!!! I'm somewhat proud of myself and a little unsure about the next step. I do not have a walking foot yet, it's on the list but not yet. And even if I did I don't think my regular sewing machine is up for the job. Do I simply tie it or do I go through the effort of hand quilting it? Somewhat torn on the matter. Any thoughts?

In other news, my baby is walking!!! Actually walking across rooms and standing up all by herself and talking--granted it's baby talk but mixed with her signs she's somewhat understandable...
We played Ring around the Rosy today (Charlotte's request) and because Zoey was holding mine and Zac's hands she was stable enough to do it and had a blast. I think it kind of weirded her out that Mommy and Daddy "fell" down too but as long as we laughed she did too.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Goals

2009 is to be a year of quilting. I have so many ideas and so many things to learn. I have already started my first one-- a king size around the world for my bed. I have about a third of it pieced so hopefully I'll have an excuse to go to the farm soon to get it quilted. I also have some lap quilts and baby quilts planned. And some requests to try to fill. I'm very excited especially because it means I can get new fabric to play with, use some of my stash and get a walking foot for my machine.

What are your plans, goals, resolutions???

Christmas Pictures

Charlotte waiting to go to Gram and Pop's for Christmas Eve Dinner

Zoey in her Christmas dress

Chef Charlotte

Zoey with (great-)Grammy

Papa reading to the little girls

Charlotte with the new kitchen set that Pops built for her & Zoey
(Fia, Bel & Eloise got 1 too)

The loot

Their stockings and my new dishes from my hubby!

Our Family Tree Wallhanging-- my present to my Monkey

The doll bedding I made for Charlotte's doll bed that Pop's made for her 2nd birthday