Wednesday, July 7, 2010


These are some of the projects that I have actually completed this year. I have finished others but for some reason I do not have pictures so I will try to locate all/most and get some pictures. I finished one quilts so far. Zoey needed a larger one for her bed so that was first priority and I took advantage of having Zac snowed home to get that knocked out. I have another one in the works that was supposed to be part of a quilt a long that I think ended in May...I have 4 out 12 blocks complete...oops :P I also started and have nearly completed a small hand pieced quilt will be a wall hanging or table topper when I finally get the borders on and get it quilted.

One of the biggest and maybe most exciting accomplishments (or at least I think its exciting, most may not agree) is that I have taken up knitting. I have made a hat, a washcloth and fingerless gloves. Yes, I know there are no pictures, I will get there someday. My current knitting wip is a sweater for my Ellie-bug. I will get some in progress pics of that too. My plan is to have one for each of my girls done by the time we go to the beach in October, hopefully I am not being overly-ambitious :)

Our family height/growth chart-- since we rent I didn't want to lose our record of this so I made a movable growth chart that we can hang in future homes :)

Cloth Napkins - 1st attempt, slightly small but usuable for the kids

Zoey's toddler bed quilt

Geraldine the Octopus- crocheted for my octopus loving Charlotte

And the bear was a gift for my sister's little girl on her 2nd birthday

Catching up- post #1

January & February we had a lot of snow and so we spent our time playing inside :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010


So sorry that I have been m.i.a for so long. I knew it had been awhile, guess I didn't realize quite how long. Time flies when you're sleep deprived I guess. It's been a busy year so far. Lots of crafting, Zoey turned 2, Charlotte is 4, Ellie is almost 9 months and getting ready to walk. And my camera ceased to function properly. However, I now have a new and improved one which means tons of pics :) I think that I will try to post highlights from each of the past few months and then get back on track with updating regularly. Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July and I promise to be back soon :)