Monday, February 16, 2009

Hamburger Buns, Chay bays, and baby gates...

What a day! The kids and I have had colds for a week now, fun stuff... So I thought the day was going fairly well. I asked the girls how they were doing today and in typical Charlotte fashion the answer I got started with "My a hamburger bun..." They were pretty good this morning, mostly ate lunch and Charlotte was even mostly staying in bed for rest time and then I saw that the cat needed food so I filled up her bowl and went to put it back. I may not be able to walk for awhile thanks to my clumsy attempt to get over the baby gate, you know the one I step over 600 times a day since Charlotte started crawling. My foot bent under itself as I stumbled and kept stumbling until fell on my patookimas on the other side with cat food all over the living room. Thank you Laureen for sending Louie and Buzz to rescue me!

Two notes-- chay bays are pj's, pajamas, jammies for anyone who has to interact with Charlotte.

And I have not officially decided on the giveaway but I'm leaning towards letting the winner pick (within reason) what they want for me to make...thoughts?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Giveaway ???

This is post #98! Which means that in 2 more posts I will have reached 100 posts=) I'm contemplating doing a giveaway for it but I want some feedback from my loyal readers!!! I know you lurkers are out there, because you tell me you read but I need comments people! I'm willing to make something and willing to make new things so I want some ideas of what types of things you want to win...

Some belated pics

This by far one of the most exciting pieces of mail I have ever gotten!!! Now I can finally quickly quilt some of my projects... Speaking of which the pic below is a shot of Charlotte's toddler bed quilt (its about 1/2 way pieced)

And this is a little bag that I made last week during the snow for her to play with her dolls

And this is a picture of my hair when its cooperating. I got it cut off but since there is a lot of wave in it and I normally shower at night by morning it looks like a cyclone hit it.

A few weeks ago Tilly and the kids came over to make fairy wands (ie chocolate covered pretzels) The girls loved them. And lets just say that the peanut butter & chocolate ones were well received... nobody but the mommas got those=)

And Miss Zoey has discovered a great love of jelly beans...if only her daddy had discovered the great invention of a bib...