Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baby #3 is a ....

We went in for the ultrasound on Wednesday. And its a girl!!! We are very excited and working on our name list trying to come up with the perfect name. Charlotte says that she will call her new sister a boy and name her "Carrot" and Jenny says that we should call her "Baby Girl"...both of which seem about as good as anything we've come up with so far. But she is healthy and measuring within a day of how old the last ultrasound says she is so we are looking at the beginning of October.

I have reached the point in the pregnancy where my hips and pelvis have had enough. So unfortunately it means sitting on my sofa instead of at my sewing machine so I have made no more quilt progress this week. But the painting is done and should get hung above the fireplace tomorrow. I guess its on to crochet projects or maybe learning to knit...hmmm what to make??? I will slowly be working on my sewing when I get the chance but not seeing it going well anytime soon.

Zoey is starting to talk more. It doesn't all make sense but in context she can be quite funny (but we won't tell her, it might encourage her;)) I was getting after her for pinching me earlier and she shook her fist at me and told me to stop it. I have no idea where she hears these things;) Charlotte has started potty training and would probably be all trained if I could keep standing up all the time. She is doing really well and loves to get stickers for her reward. And being the tiny ocd child that she is all the same color smilies must be in a row. We are going to keep working on it and eventually we'll get there right? Her third birthday is coming up in a week so we will be spending this week getting ready, cleaning, and maybe even being adventurous and making our own decorations. At the very least they can decorate the sidewalk with chalk pictures:)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crafty Progress

I am finally getting back to getting some sewing and other craft projects done. 2nd trimester is my best chance, morning sickness is over and sciatica is not a problem yet. I started a wall picture/ painting/ art thing for above my fireplace, crocheted a dolly blanket for Charlotte's dolls and started making squares for a picnic quilt. Ok, so I'm feeling somewhat proud of myself. I know it will all catch up to me and it will take years for the quilt to get done but let me have my delusions...
Ok so blogger won't let me upload pics at the moment...grrr!!! But I promise I do have 7 squares done, the doll blanket is done except weaving in the ends(anyone seen my yarn needle???), and the background of the painting is done!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Crazies

The weather is slowly starting to feel more like summer and the crazies seem to have infected the kids. We started potty training Charlotte...let's just say some success mixed with some accidents but not too bad. She has also discovered what it means to have favorites. She loves purple and piggy tail braids. I have lots of pics that are finally on my computer so I will try to share some here and the rest will be on my shutterfly share page. Zoey is my tiny big girl. She wants to do everything her sister does. No more nursing and lots of eating. I am constantly amazed at how much that tiny girl will eat.

I have lots planned in my crafting room over the next few weeks. I have some wall art to finish for my living room, Christmas stockings, baby blankets in various shapes and sizes, and a quilt along that I am going to participate in. And next Wednesday (the 27th) we find out if Baby Shrimp is a boy or a girl:)

Quilt Along!

I am going to participate in my first quilt along. Maybe it'll be the motivation I need to get this next quilt going;) Like I need more motivation to have more projects going at the moment! I got some new fabric last week that I ma very excited to incorporate. I will be posting pics of my progress here and on the flickr group so keep an eye out. The final prize is a quilting machine so I am very excited for a chance.