Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Crazies

The weather is slowly starting to feel more like summer and the crazies seem to have infected the kids. We started potty training Charlotte...let's just say some success mixed with some accidents but not too bad. She has also discovered what it means to have favorites. She loves purple and piggy tail braids. I have lots of pics that are finally on my computer so I will try to share some here and the rest will be on my shutterfly share page. Zoey is my tiny big girl. She wants to do everything her sister does. No more nursing and lots of eating. I am constantly amazed at how much that tiny girl will eat.

I have lots planned in my crafting room over the next few weeks. I have some wall art to finish for my living room, Christmas stockings, baby blankets in various shapes and sizes, and a quilt along that I am going to participate in. And next Wednesday (the 27th) we find out if Baby Shrimp is a boy or a girl:)


Todd said...

I'm sure you have heard that my son prayed endlessly for a sister, and has been blessed with 5 so far, and 2 daughters.

I believe he is getting what he has asked for, and it will be a girl.

Is there a betting pool?


A Piece of Quiet said...

They are stunningly adorable. Thanks for making it such fun to be a Nana! :)