Friday, October 17, 2008

Trip Update

Hi Everybody!

My babies are napping at the same time for the 2nd day in a row. And Kim and her babies are all napping too!!! I think this is the first time I've had to myself all week except for showering. It's been a fun week here. We got here on Sunday and got to settle in for a day before Kim and Mark went back to work. And I think we've settled into a pretty good routine for our mornings watching the girls. Fia goes to preschool so she's not around so its like having two sets of twins, two eight month olds and two 2 yr olds. Next time I say twins might be cool...I'm lying I really am! It's been a lot of fun though. Bel has warmed up to us some and she and Charlotte play well together for the most part. Some issues with sharing but for 2's they are doing well. Zoey and Eloise play on the floor and in the jumper. And even coordinate naps;) We've been to the parks in the afternoon. Charlotte loves the swings and even tried the big kid tunnel slide and twisty slide. A very exhausting but highly fun week to be sure!

Last week went really well at Omah and Opah's! I got to make a stained glass and weaved half a towel on the loom (will finish it at Thanksgiving--I promise Tilly and Louie I know you guys want yours off too...) The girls had a blast playing outside and meeting the animals. They got to know Omah and Opah too which is great for them. Charlotte calls them both "PahPah" but considering at the beginning of the week she didn't understand which name went with which person I think that's good progress. Zoey learned to wave and play patty cake. Lots of fun and a very relaxing week not having to think about meals and being able to play in the loom room was awesome. I took some pics so I'll load them when I get home next weekend. I'll try to update more over the next week. We are having lots of fun hanging out with the cousins and there is a zoo trip and a pumpkin patch in the plans for the weekend. And the best news is that Monkey gets to come see us for part of the weekend:) We miss everyone bunches!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Red Riding Hood Jacket GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Red Riding Hood Jacket GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

A slight dilemma...

This is my fall wreath. It is also my first wreath. Thanks Tilly!!! It has a lovely pumpkin ribbon and nothing else. I think it needs some help but I can't decide how to fix it. Any thoughts?

Field Trips

First, the pics in the last post are way out of order and for that I am sorry!!!

We've been busy the last few weeks with some exciting field trips. Zac went camping with the boy scouts a couple of weekends ago so I took advantage of being in complete control of the schedule. The girls and I went up to my parents and ended up spending the night due to the tiredness of the momma. And then we spent the day at Edinburg Festival with most of my siblings and their kids + Tilly and her littles. It was great fun. Sofi, Charlotte and Isobel go to see the firetrucks up close and even go in some. We had lunch near some live music which is always a big hit with the kids. And Charlotte got to see her first parade!

And last weekend we took another fun adventure to the pumpkin patch. I haven't been in soo long and Charlotte is old enough to think it's a fun exciting day. We even got to borrow Zelie for the day so she could go get a pumpkin too! I got some gourds to make up a "fall" basket for my mantle and Zoey even picked out her own tiny pumpkin.

Today we did not go anywhere but Tilly and the kids came and we made some awesome applesauce. It was a big hit! Charlotte ate all her dinner so she could have more--no coaxing needed!

The girls and I leave Saturday for Omah and Opah's with Tilly and her littles and then we get to go to Kim's for two weeks! I'm sure I'll have lots of pics of fun and exciting adventures!!! I will try to update often but I'm not sure how that will work yet! But at the very least I will have lots to share when we get home!! I think this is the longest I will have ever been away from home for a vacation, so exciting and stressful at the same time.


Hanging out with Uncle Kyle

"Riding" the cow train at the pumpkin patch... a very short lived adventure!

Picking the best little pumpkin

Zelie, Charlotte and Jenny

A new flannel nightgown!!!

Firetrucks are so big!

Zoey enjoying lunchtime

Parade watching apple eating fun

Off to pick a pumpkin

Just our size