Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exciting Projects

I am getting very motivated to finally get to some projects. I used my anti-procrastination afternoon (Flylady) and put together a fall decoration for my my house. Not quite sure where it's going to live but I am very excited. I keep saying I am going to decorate and get to some sewing projects and I never do, so today I decided that needed to change.

And even more exciting I think is that I have a my king size quilt top all cut out and ready to be sewn together.

The next few weeks will be busy but productive and exciting I think...I have two trips coming up. First the girls and I will be going with Tilly and her kids to Omah and Opah's for a week. They haven't gotten to meet Zoey yet and we never get down there except for Thanksgiving which is absolute craziness so it'll be a good chance to visit and let the girls get to know them better. After that we are off to my sister's for two weeks to help with her kids while her husband starts a new job that has an orientation period that does not coincide well with her work hours.

My new quilt layout

A helpful Zoey--waiting for Momma to clean up

My fall decoration

Charlotte's Fall "Draw Draw"-- complete with her "name"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Busy Week

A quick update on my Zoey! Since last weekend she has learned to crawl, sit up on her own and to pull herself to an almost completely standing position. And the 1st tooth is finally coming through, so not much sleep and somewhat grumpy but very snuggly=)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A great bigness!

My Zoey is a mobile girl! Still slow and frustrates easily but she figured out the crawling motion last night and she can move herself in a circle...AAAhh!!!

A bit of catching up...

So sorry to have been neglectful with my updates. Things are going well and we seem to be keeping busy, although some days I'm not sure with what.

Zoey and I had a marvelous time at the Renaissance Fair...I'll try to get the pics up soon. It was so much fun to have a mini vacation. And I can't wait to go back. The shows we saw were so fun and the rest of the time we spent wandering in and out of the shops. I even convinced everyone to get their faces painted. Well, except the babies and Eli insisted on getting it on her we were embarrassing or something;) But it was loads of fun, especially getting to stay in a hotel...a bed without a gap in the mattresses...who knew there was such a thing! And we went to a local tavern for dinner...pretzel sandwiches are to die for! And Sunday we went shopping at an outlet mall...I found jeans and a shirt :) unfortunately or maybe not the jeans have turned out to be to big so must see about shrinking them a bit but for $10 I can handle a little big. So much fun to be out with just the babies....

Charlotte stayed home with Monkey and had great fun too...they went to church and out to dinner and she got to go to game night w/ the boys...I came home to a very big girl who apparently decided her name is now "charlie" only pronounced more like "sharlie" I guess it could be worse. She is learning her abc's...well, sort of...her favorite letters are o,c, she repeats those a lot.

We hosted our monthly dinner party on Friday. It turned out well. We made roast, potatoes and squash casserole with omah's peach cobbler for dessert. And now I know what I need to get to make the next party more to Ducky very excited! I even picked out a pfaltzgraff I just need to save my dollars...

And I found a new blog which is inspiring a great many ideas for sewing projects... and Moda is putting out so many new fabric lines that I just as soon as I can get rid of this bug of a weird headache I plan to start on Christmas presents!!! So very excited!