Friday, April 10, 2009

Moving is finally finished!

We are officially moved in to our new home. I handed over the keys to the old house today. Definitely more sad about it than I thought I would be. Don't get me wrong, no regrets about moving. This house is a much better fit for our growing little family. Just lots of memories there and it's the longest I've lived anywhere in a long time. But I've decided I'm never moving again! I hate it! Sooo much stress and craziness involved. Even the little people got stressed but we all seem to be better now. And I think just about all the boxes that are in the house are actually unpacked and most things have found homes in our multitude of closets and cabinets. I even have empty cabinets, which of course have already been adopted by the kids for their very own to play in.

A special thanks to my mom, Louie, Laureen and Tilly for the dinners!!! And Tilly for helping me clean the old house!

Charlotte has had an especially trying time with the move. She is very excited about her room and all the space but has to double check everything (constant refrain has been "Oooh Gotcha!" and "Which library/Gram/Pops/etc") and has spent the last two weeks making sure her boundaries and rules were still in place. This does not make for a calmer mommy! But the last few days have been better. This afternoon she wanted me to read the Knights of Columbus magazine with her. And she had to double check that no girl in the magaizine was named "Sofia", like her cousin that is coming to play with her tomorrow. She's a little fixated at the moment. And then she came to a picture of the knights with their plumed hats on. She asked what they were and when I told her she replied that they were "not knights they're jingle bells!" In the process of moving she has also come across several more of my dolls and stuffed animals. When I was little I was given a set of twin cabbage patch dolls. She's had one with her toys for almost a year now and she and Zac named her "Dorothy" or "Dolly". The other one also received a name this week. She is now known as "Celery". I don't think Charlotte will get a vote in naming the new baby...

Zoey has not really noticed that she is in a new place except that she has more room to run. There has been much running down the hall and spinning and dancing. She gets very excited to come watch out the back door while the dog is out. And does not understand the concept of staying on the patio at all. She now has her toddler bed set up and takes her naps there. She and Charlotte practice saying prayers and singing bedtime songs, just like Daddy does for them at night.

Camera cable has been found so beach and new house pictures will be up shortly.