Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A big Eeww and an oops!

It was not quite the way I planned for it to happen at all. Note these are two different completely unrelated events!
The other morning (can't remember which...I want to say Wednesday) I was laying on the living room floor doing my exercises like a good girl. Zoey was asleep in the swing and Charlotte, funny girl that she is, was sitting in the dog's kennel. So it was a semi normal morning around here. I looked up just in time to see Dora (my cat) flying down the stairs and over the gate into the living room with a present. She brought me a MOUSE!!! Granted I knew we had one and we taking extra precaustions to seal up food etc. but it was still a surprise. It was still alive and unharmed, so I called Monkey in a panic. He quickly tried to reassure me and gave me the practical side my panicking brain was lacking. I grabbed the broom and scooped it into a trash can. Charlotte and I then got it outside and across the street to deposit in the vacant lot across the street. She wanted to help carry it and I briefly considered grabbing my camera. Both I ruled out quickly as I ran across the street to get rid of our little furry visitor. So not the way I wanted my day to start. But I guess there are a lot of things to be grateful for. I was able to catch it quickly and since it was not dead it was at least alive and not somewhere inbetween. It was just me and my kids here and neither of them were playing where the mouse was brought to. So it had a happy ending and I got to feel like supermom for a moment. Charlotte has been talking about the kitty and the mouse ever since.

Now for the ooops! A not so super mom moment...I was trying to get the oatmeal soaking in the milk for dinner the other night and my 1 cup measuring cup was dirty so I was using the the 1/2 cup. And I counted out 8 1/2 cups to equal 4 cups of oats...however when I measured the milk I still had in my mind that it needed to add up to I got 5 1/2 cups and thought I was short by 2 and 1/2 I called to borrow some milk from Laureen. Buzz brought it over and I thought yeah dinner will be great now! I pulled it out of the fridge and dumped in the rest of the ingredients and it did not look right so I just figured the oats hadn't soaked enough and put it back in the fridge and moved to plan "B", omelets. These were almost done when the light finally clicked on in my brain and I realized what I had done to the pancake mix. So in the end I had 4 recipes of oatmeal pancakes instead of 2. A special thanks to my moonkey for taking over the measuring for me!

So I guess I can't be supermom every single minute...I'll settle for just being Ducky I suppose...

Summer Fun!!!

Our summer has turned incredibly busy. Somehow I went from days of doing nothing but our routine to having something to do every day. Our little family has signed up for a membership at the local indoor pool so we've been trying to make it there twice a week around Monkey's work schedule and so far its been going well. Monkey and I have improved in the amount that we swim before getting tired. Big milestone for he that is not so fond of the water ie petrified...I'm very proud of him for taking this step and for being the one to suggest it. Charlotte now loves it and did not want to leave. And Zoey just hangs out wherever she's put but so far no grumping so I'm taking that as a good sign.

We've been hanging out a lot w/ Tilly and her kids. Lots of learning to share and playing together for the girls and someone older than two to talk to for the poor tired mommas makes for a great day and tired kids at night. I'm helping her declutter and she's helping me with sewing projects so we are making progress at the same time. We're in the midst of curtains & pillow covers for my living room and then its on to a new quilt for my bed...all with fabric from her stash!!! Thanks bunches Tilly!

And so much to look forward to in August-- a wedding, baby shower, our wedding anniversary (3 years!!!), and Zoey and I get to go to the renaissance fair w/ Eliza, Tilly (& Anthony) and Laureen for Eliza's 18th birthday!!! Wasn't she just 12 yesterday???

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy weekend

Eliza and I took the girls swimming yesterday. Such fun! I can't believe I hadn't though of doing this sooner. Ok, well, yes I can...I is, Ducky, queen of not coming up with anything to do! We got lunch and went to the "beach." It has sand and water but is no where near the ocean so I guess it sorta counts. Charlotte loved all aspects of the water and sand and Zoey tolerates putting her toes in. Thankfully she took a nap and no one got seriously sunburned. My nose is slightly pink but only because I put sunscreen everywhere but my face.

It was definitely a learning experience as it was a first for us. Leave the lunch, extra towels and hearing aids...Bring stroller, umbrella, camera batteries...We had way to much to carry and a large hill to get the cargo and babies up and down but we were successful. I would love to share pictures however I left my camera plugged into the computer all night and it drained the battery...oops! But we will definitely do it again. Maybe I can even convince Monkey to come;)

We had dinner with my family yesterday and a 21st birthday party for Tilly today...and it was only a two day weekend! Yes, I know that 2 is the norm but Monkey has had 3 day weekends for so long that I got a wee bit spoiled. Hopefully we'll be back to that schedule next week.

Oh my!!!!

My Zoey is a hugeness! Well, not just in size... She's already almost 17 lbs and her carseat is getting almost impossible to carry with her in it. She had her first cheerios last night. All broken up of course since she has no idea how to keep it in the right place to chew. But she loves them!!! And she even sat in the high chair for a minute...only aminute because she still falls over. Woe is the Momma! I wish I could just freeze them so they wouldn't grow anymore. She can roll from her back to her tummy and tries to scoot but only goes backward so far since she can't figure out how to more her legs yet...I know its only a matter of time.

Why is it?

Why is it that I can never do what I'm supposed to do when I'm supposed to do it? When the baby is asleep do I do my exercises that I keep putting off??? Nope, not me! I clean the kitchen...which in my defense did need cleaning. I admit I've been a lot better lately about getting things done. Thanks to Flylady my sink is now shiny and at most I have two meals worth of dishes to do at a time as opposed to a weeks worth a month ago. And yet its Sunday night and my family is asleep and am I asleep at 11pm. Not a chance...I'm reading blogs...I think I might be addicted...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Swimming, swimming, swimming!

Zoey eating her favorite book

The play quilt is finally finished

Zelie fussing at the bugs

Jenny and Charlotte having fun in the sun

Zoey tried out the pool...loved it until they splashed her!

So Jenny's pool is a little bit bigger...

And the mommas and babies had some fun too...

Oh to be a kid again...My girls have been outside to swim in their wading pool and Jenny's three times this week. And Eliza and I are taking them to Half Moon Beach tomorrow. When I was a kid we spent every day at the pool all summer long. Not really sure how my mom handled it. Don't get me wrong I love swimming but sitting by the side of the pool with all the bugs is not really my cup of tea. I'm really excited about tomorrow though because at least there should be room to do more than get my feet wet.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Days

My girls are having a wonderful summer. It's amazing how fast time has flown. Zoey is now five months old and she can roll over onto her tummy and pivot around to find the toy she wants. Almost able to scoot so crawling is just around the corner!!! Charlotte is getting bigger everyday and talking more. She can carry on a conversation now and loves to talk to her daddy on the phone. Her end normally consists of several nods, "baby", and "yup", but its definitely a conversation. So very cute and big girl like!!! She has recently discovered swimming both in the bath tub and outside in the pool. It is the new incentive to take a nap. Yesterday after naptime we went to Tilly's to swim in Jenny's pool and today they are coming here. Its great fun and the girls are much better behaved with a set activity.

On the home front I am trying out Flylady's baby steps. My house is so much better than it used to be but it still needs work. So far its working well and I'm not overwhelmed. Who knew that keeping my sink shiny would make the rest of my day flow better. I get computer time and I can cuddle Zoey for awhile while Charlotte naps instead of spending the whole time washing dishes. And I was even able to attempt sewing a new skirt for me. It looks lovely until I put it on. Hits my curves in all the wrong places...oh well! I guess someone else gets a new skirt.

I'm working on better daily routines. My girls get up early so I'm learning to make myself adjust to this. Today we went for a walk and we were out of the house before 7:30 am to do it! Making time to get the mama back in better shape is my newest priority. I have learned to say better shape because according to Monkey round is a shape. So maybe different shape is a better way to put it.