Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Fun!!!

Our summer has turned incredibly busy. Somehow I went from days of doing nothing but our routine to having something to do every day. Our little family has signed up for a membership at the local indoor pool so we've been trying to make it there twice a week around Monkey's work schedule and so far its been going well. Monkey and I have improved in the amount that we swim before getting tired. Big milestone for he that is not so fond of the water ie petrified...I'm very proud of him for taking this step and for being the one to suggest it. Charlotte now loves it and did not want to leave. And Zoey just hangs out wherever she's put but so far no grumping so I'm taking that as a good sign.

We've been hanging out a lot w/ Tilly and her kids. Lots of learning to share and playing together for the girls and someone older than two to talk to for the poor tired mommas makes for a great day and tired kids at night. I'm helping her declutter and she's helping me with sewing projects so we are making progress at the same time. We're in the midst of curtains & pillow covers for my living room and then its on to a new quilt for my bed...all with fabric from her stash!!! Thanks bunches Tilly!

And so much to look forward to in August-- a wedding, baby shower, our wedding anniversary (3 years!!!), and Zoey and I get to go to the renaissance fair w/ Eliza, Tilly (& Anthony) and Laureen for Eliza's 18th birthday!!! Wasn't she just 12 yesterday???

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