Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A big Eeww and an oops!

It was not quite the way I planned for it to happen at all. Note these are two different completely unrelated events!
The other morning (can't remember which...I want to say Wednesday) I was laying on the living room floor doing my exercises like a good girl. Zoey was asleep in the swing and Charlotte, funny girl that she is, was sitting in the dog's kennel. So it was a semi normal morning around here. I looked up just in time to see Dora (my cat) flying down the stairs and over the gate into the living room with a present. She brought me a MOUSE!!! Granted I knew we had one and we taking extra precaustions to seal up food etc. but it was still a surprise. It was still alive and unharmed, so I called Monkey in a panic. He quickly tried to reassure me and gave me the practical side my panicking brain was lacking. I grabbed the broom and scooped it into a trash can. Charlotte and I then got it outside and across the street to deposit in the vacant lot across the street. She wanted to help carry it and I briefly considered grabbing my camera. Both I ruled out quickly as I ran across the street to get rid of our little furry visitor. So not the way I wanted my day to start. But I guess there are a lot of things to be grateful for. I was able to catch it quickly and since it was not dead it was at least alive and not somewhere inbetween. It was just me and my kids here and neither of them were playing where the mouse was brought to. So it had a happy ending and I got to feel like supermom for a moment. Charlotte has been talking about the kitty and the mouse ever since.

Now for the ooops! A not so super mom moment...I was trying to get the oatmeal soaking in the milk for dinner the other night and my 1 cup measuring cup was dirty so I was using the the 1/2 cup. And I counted out 8 1/2 cups to equal 4 cups of oats...however when I measured the milk I still had in my mind that it needed to add up to I got 5 1/2 cups and thought I was short by 2 and 1/2 I called to borrow some milk from Laureen. Buzz brought it over and I thought yeah dinner will be great now! I pulled it out of the fridge and dumped in the rest of the ingredients and it did not look right so I just figured the oats hadn't soaked enough and put it back in the fridge and moved to plan "B", omelets. These were almost done when the light finally clicked on in my brain and I realized what I had done to the pancake mix. So in the end I had 4 recipes of oatmeal pancakes instead of 2. A special thanks to my moonkey for taking over the measuring for me!

So I guess I can't be supermom every single minute...I'll settle for just being Ducky I suppose...

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Eliza said...

You are always super to me :-D

Great post!

Love you my super duck,
Eliza <3