Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy weekend

Eliza and I took the girls swimming yesterday. Such fun! I can't believe I hadn't though of doing this sooner. Ok, well, yes I can...I is, Ducky, queen of not coming up with anything to do! We got lunch and went to the "beach." It has sand and water but is no where near the ocean so I guess it sorta counts. Charlotte loved all aspects of the water and sand and Zoey tolerates putting her toes in. Thankfully she took a nap and no one got seriously sunburned. My nose is slightly pink but only because I put sunscreen everywhere but my face.

It was definitely a learning experience as it was a first for us. Leave the lunch, extra towels and hearing aids...Bring stroller, umbrella, camera batteries...We had way to much to carry and a large hill to get the cargo and babies up and down but we were successful. I would love to share pictures however I left my camera plugged into the computer all night and it drained the battery...oops! But we will definitely do it again. Maybe I can even convince Monkey to come;)

We had dinner with my family yesterday and a 21st birthday party for Tilly today...and it was only a two day weekend! Yes, I know that 2 is the norm but Monkey has had 3 day weekends for so long that I got a wee bit spoiled. Hopefully we'll be back to that schedule next week.

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