Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Goals

2009 is to be a year of quilting. I have so many ideas and so many things to learn. I have already started my first one-- a king size around the world for my bed. I have about a third of it pieced so hopefully I'll have an excuse to go to the farm soon to get it quilted. I also have some lap quilts and baby quilts planned. And some requests to try to fill. I'm very excited especially because it means I can get new fabric to play with, use some of my stash and get a walking foot for my machine.

What are your plans, goals, resolutions???


Pat said...

I've put your name on the entry list for my giveaway. Thanks for visiting my blog and entering and I hope you visit my blog often! When you get a chance, please email me (through my blog) your email address, so I can more easily contact you if you are one of my winners. I looked at your family tree that you quilted....VERY nice!!!

Pat in Delaware

Eliza said...

I think it says something about me that it was jan. 10th before i started considering what i would do for the new