Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pretty Fabrics & Lottie's New Dress

This is Lottie's newest jumper. I completed it all by myself and it even has a lining and a zipper! Special thanks to Tilly for all your past help and the pattern! A year ago I had no clue how to work a sewing machine! Miss Lottie was sleeping so I had to settle for a picture on the hanger.

Now for the fabric....

This is a flannel I got from the little Mennonite fabric shop on our Orchard trip. I'm going to make a nice snuggly baby quilt out of it. Lottie likes to hug it already.

The rest of these I got at the the 50% off Red Tag Sale at JoAnn's a few weeks ago--

Very soft fabric, probably be used for a purse or something for myself.

This was so pretty I had to buy the last 2 yards they had of it. I will probably use it to recover my desk chair or make a pretty runner for the dining room table.

These are seersuckers for Lottie's summer wardrobe!

Fun remnants!

Probably a dress for Lottie

These are for Lottie's big girl quilt

Flannel remnants for fun!

For Eliza's Christmas present. Don't worry she picked it out!


Tilly said...

That jumper worked up beautifully! *Clapping for Ducky*

Tilly said...

I tagged you!