Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Countdown to baby!

We are in the final few weeks of getting ready for the baby. I am now officially full term at 37 weeks so she could try to come at anytime. The c-section is scheduled for October 6th, only 13 more days (but who's counting???). So we shall see if she cooperates... The big girls are getting very excited with preparations. We moved Zoey into the big girl room to make room for the pack n play and so far that seems to be working really well. The bags are packed and the car seat is ready :) So I guess I'm more ready than I feel... On one hand I can't wait to meet her and I'm ready to be done being pregnant for awhile but so not ready at all :)

Nesting/crafting has slowed down a lot this month. Zac dyed the slipcovers for the sofas for me...now they are light gray not white:) and no more striped pillows to look at. I will try and get some pics up. Other than that I've mostly been focusing on one project that is only half done and its a birthday present so I really can't share any details.

More news on baby and pumpkins and minivans and my sister turning "old" (she turns 30 on Friday) to come :)

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Todd said...

Hey, not so good with the 30 being old thing....;-)