Monday, August 22, 2011

Miss Molly

Our newest self rescuing princess has arrived. Margaret Ivy was born on Thursday August 18th at 12:46. Miss Molly has so far been one of our quietest and easy going babies but since she is only 5 days old I will wait to see how her temperament and personality turn out in this zoo. The big sisters are ecstatic that she is finally here and there is much debate over who gets to hold her next. Ellie seems to think its her full time job to hold the baby and gets quite offended when she is passed to the next sister or Mommy takes her back. But everyone is slowly adjusting to having her here and Mommy in recovery mode.

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Monalisa said...

congratulation a new baby Molly is georgus, my bless for you and your family her sisters are fabulous,the best sisters
a big hug Monalisa