Saturday, November 15, 2008

Generous People

I simply cannot believe the amount of work people put into their blogs and giveaways! Wow! And yes I am a sucker for giveaways, maybe someday I'll actually win something. I found yet another quilt giveaway this morning over at Camille's blog. She is even letting you pick the pattern! It makes me want to get busy on my Christmas present making. My babies get a quilt for their first Christmas so I have to get moving on Zoey's if its going to be ready in time.

Its been a busy few weeks getting settled back into our routines here at home. Lots of crazy Charlotte talking nonstop and now Zoey is learning too. She can say "Momma" and something that sounds awfully similar to "I love you" so that's what we say she says...

Charlotte has been learning songs and her bedtime prayers. She now sings along and hits most of the important words in her prayers. Its so sweet but sad because it means my baby is growing up. Can't I freeze them at this age??? Last week she was looking at the computer and this picture was up on the screen. And she starts yelling about Daddy having a chicken on his head.

So yup... that's my hubby w/ the "chicken" on his head...two year olds are so funny. And their language is inspiring. Charlotte can talk quite well but her sounds don't always come out when needed. So she needs "nuggles" when she is "tidered" And then there is "fat jump" because what two year doesn't like to jump. She had asked if I would jump with her and I told her no and then she wanted to know if Daddy would jump with her and I told her that probably was not a very good idea. The response to which we heard from Daddy in the kitchen "Was that a fat joke?" which was immediately interpreted by Charlotte as "fat jump" Maybe things are funnier in the moment so maybe typing it does not give it the justice it deserves but I try.

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Katie said...

"Fat jump" does get the justice it deserves--they just have to know your hubby. Anyone who knows him will definitely chuckle! ;o)

Katie (Em, Jack & Rachel, too!)