Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Costumes and Pictures

It appears that I am a forgetful duck!!! I have been home over a week now and I have not posted any pictures. I am very sorry for not remembering!!!! My computer is loading them as I type so I will try to get some up, however I apparently took close to 200 so it will only be a small sampling of our adventures. Or not...I couldn't decide!

We are slowly getting settled back in to life in our own crazy farmhouse. Zoey is now into everything so I am having to re-child proof everything, which I did not think was possible since I had already done it for Charlotte. She can walk along furniture and even walk only holding on with one hand. Charlotte seems to be readjusting well and we are slowly ridding her of some of the lovely bad habits she picked up being off routine. She is talking so much more now. She and Zac constantly argue over me..."my ducky no my ducky" which is cute and makes me feel loved so I let it continue. The other night at dinner she kept calling me "my woman" ...not entirely sure where that phrase came from but Zac encouraged her until she started calling him "my woman". She survived trick or treating last night far better than anybody anticipated due to her fear of costumes, masks, and face paint. Once she realized that the clowns and pumpkins at the houses would give her candy she did very well. She ended up with half of a pumpkin of candy! Our only sticking point today was fear of Uncle Kyle. Apparently the face paint stuck with her and when he tried to come in today (without face paint) she about had a coronary until she actually saw him and realized he looked normal (well, normal for him anyway;)


Jenny --poor thing can't sleep in the car

Charlotte & Zelie-- finally sleeping

Zoey is happy...for the moment

My stained glass in progress-- I'll get the finished product up once its in the window

My towel on the loom

Omah and my girls

Eloise and Zoey



Charlotte and Sofia

My very cold girls and me

Mark and Kim and their very cold girlies

Kim and the girlies at the zoo

Charli Sue

Pops and Zoey

Happy 1st birthday, Joey!!!

Zoey and Uncle Kyle

Enjoying the 1st day of November

My bumblebee and hershey kiss

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