Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nesting part 1

Some people clean excessively, apparently I create more and more projects :) I've been working on some stuff to fix up the girls room. So far Charlotte is the only one to sleep there but we call it the girls room because that's where the toys are and Zoey will move in there eventually. I think everything that I want to do in there is done with the exception of Charlotte's big girl quilt. I almost have it completely tied and hope to finish the binding and get it on her bed by this weekend. I'll worry about Zoey's when we move her in. But I do have a lot of the fabric left so I can make them coordinate.

I think just about everything in there was made by a family member and I love all the colors together. I did the owl picture and Zoey's name. My sister gave us the letters and flowers all ready to go for Charlotte's name. Charlotte and I did the paper chain (yes, it goes all the way around the room). My dad built the doll bed and kitchen set. And Zac's grandfather, Opah, built the bed.

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