Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We had a wonderful and busy Christmas. Christmas Eve was spent going to Mass and hosting our first holiday dinner with my parents and brother, Kyle. We had lots of food and Christmas music :) My dad built an awesome table for the kids (I don't know how we survived without it) and my mom brought Christmas jammies for each of them. Christmas morning was a lot of fun too. The two big girls are old enough this year to understand presents and sort of to get the whole Santa thing. Zoey woke us up by bouncing excitedly and banging on our faces, "pres, pres, Santa, room" (presents, presents, Santa, living room- for those who don't speak Zoey). We went to brunch at Zac's family's and exchanged presents with all the kids. Then home again for a quiet evening at home. Of course the chicken wouldn't thaw so my dinner plan did not happen :( But Charlotte came up with an alternative, homemade mac n cheese. And we ate at the kids table :) On Saturday we had my parents and my sister's family down for sugar cookie baking and decorating. Then we all went up to my parent's house for soup and bread :) And we got to meet the latest addition to the family. Welcome baby Konnar!!! (Joe and Olivia's new baby) And then Sunday we had Mass and another brunch at Zac's family's house since his grandfather came up to visit. And Monday we had Tilly's family here for dinner. Wow! Lots of family and visiting but I wouldn't have it any other way :) It's why we live so close to everyone :)

Charlotte figuring out her sewing block

Zoey unwrapping

The table my dad built

I finally got all the stockings made :)

This is the best shot of the girls in their Christmas dresses...

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