Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Busy busy busy!!!

Lottie showing off her new bed

Gram, the moms and all the Hassett grandkids

Charlotte and Zoey showing off their Easter outfits. Thanks for making them Miss Tilly!

Stylish Lottie!

Smiling Zoey

Zoey with Godmama Eliza

April is a very full month for us. We started the month with Tilly's baby shower. And this past weekend Miss Zoey was baptized and Jenny turned 2!!! My family also has 4 birthdays this month: Dad, Olivia, Kyle and of course most importantly I turn "old" on Saturday.

Lottie is starting to venture into being a big girl. She got her own toddler bed the other week and is very thrilled to take naps in it. We're still working up to spending the whole night in it. She has also decided to talk. And does it non stop! Most of the time its about shoes and monkeys...two of her most favorite things right now. She also says her name, not all at once, but she is either "Lot" or "Char".

Zoey is getting big fast. Already she's about 12 lbs and I put her in a 3-6 month outfit the other day and she wasn't swimming in it =( so sad and so exciting at the same time. She's two months old and loving life. 90% of her awake time is spent smiling at everyone and everything. Lottie is already one of her favorite people, in spite of the somewhat aggressive way that Lottie returns the affection.

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Tilly said...

What great pictures!! Your girlies are freakishly beautiful. :)