Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Birthday Weekend!!!

I love birthdays! I don't know why because it just means that I'm old... and I don't really want to be old. But anyways...this has been a pretty great birthday. On Friday, I went shopping with my mom and sister-in-law, Olivia. We happen to share a birthday so we went out to celebrate together. It was a very long day but wonderful fun. We went to several stores and out to lunch. And the babies were very well behaved. Although people seemed to be very confused. We had several people ask if they were twins. They are 4 months apart and Joey is way farther along developmentally (he was sitting up and Zoey was in her carseat or in the sling). The best part was going to JoAnn's. I got fabric for three skirts and I found coordinating coffee fabric for my kitchen. I will hopefully get to start them tomorrow. Olivia had never been and I'm afraid I have encouraged her to have a crazy sewing addiction too. She found several things and apparently dragged my brother there again yesterday. And she's planning on coming over this week to start learning to sew with me=) I'm very excited!

On my birthday, Zac took the girls and I down to the farmers markets in Dayton. And out to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Lottie refused to eat...not sure if its because it wasn't what she's used to eating, if it was too exciting, or if I fed her too much of my cinnamon-sugar pretzel too close to lunch time. But we had a lot of fun wandering around and of course I went into the quilt fabric shop...saw several books I have to put on my list to get;)

And today, the girls and I had a quiet morning while Zac went to pick up the guys from the boy scout camping trip. And then we went to my parents' for a birthday dinner celebration. So its been a pretty full weekend and I'm so glad that I'm finally feeling up to doing things again. My recovery has been slow but I'm almost there. Only a few more weeks of meds and I should be good to go and I don't even have to go back to the doctor's until July.

The girls are getting big...I will hopefully have new batteries for my camera soon so I can update my pictures. Zoey is starting to coo and she hold her head up really well now. Lottie is talking non stop and learning new words everyday. She loves to repeat things we say, so of course we have to be even more careful.

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