Friday, May 2, 2008

Funny Girls!

Well...I have decided that I don't need to sell my girls to Moroccan monkey least not today! Yesterday, however, was another story. They both were grumpy and miserable until about 9 last night. Then Charlotte finally decided that she would lay in her bed nicely so I could take a bath and Zoey spit up so she could smile again (or something). It was truly least for my normally pleasant baby to fuss all afternoon and then like a light switch being turned on she was back to her normal sunny self.

They are both getting so big. And learning new tricks everyday. Charlotte seems to learn 6 new words a day and now she shows me "two" by holding up one finger on each hand. Zoey is happy as a clam to sleep in her swing and be a ham for the camera. As soon as I find my misplaced cord thingie I'll upload the latest pics. Charlotte loves to hold Zoey and say "cheese" for me so I get some pretty funny ones mixed in w/ the cute ones.

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Tilly said...

I like the new look!