Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Almost 2 and crazy Loggie Sue!!!

My darling little baby is almost two! I can't believe it! Two years ago this week we moved back home and it was brutally hot and I was very pregnant...so much has changed!!! We now have not one but two beautiful girls...and they continue to amaze me everyday.

Zoey is three months tomorrow and is laughing and cooing at anything and everything. She is going to be one of those annoyingly happy people I just know it!

But this post is about my Charlotte aka Lottie, Loggie Sue. She has grown up so much in the last few weeks. Her hair goes up in a ponytail now. She is talking more and sharing more of what is going on in her head. Her favorite word at the moment seems to be "Come". She still yells for us from the next room but it now "Ma, Ma, Ma" and then as soon as we answer she says "come". As in surely now you'll drop the dinner you are cooking for me and come running. Its rather cute in a somewhat annoying way.

She is a tiny mama. Loves her baby doll and takes care of it. Anything I do with Zoey she copies. It is so very sweet.

The other day she pushed her car up next to the desk that our tv sits on. So I asked her what she was doing. She very matter of factly answered "cwimbing" (climbing). And when I made the mistake of asking why, her response was "shoes", in a sort of 'duh! mom' tone. There is a dvd case on the desk w/ people wearing shoes, so for my crazy girly girl this made perfect sense to stand up to see them closer. She's only two...I can't imagine how she's going to be at 13 when it comes to shoes and clothes.

Tilly is so sweetly making her some t-shirt dresses to wear this summer. And she brought the first three over last week. Charlotte insisted on trying all three on before she would decide which one she wanted to wear. As her daddy says "such a girl!"

She has learned to jump. Only two inches off the ground but jumping it is. And she likes to play "ro"...sometimes its ring around the rosy and sometimes its roll the ball...

And perhaps the funniest thing ever...she gave her dolly a time out and told it to be nice...wonder where she had to hear that one...hmmm at least it stuck in her head somewhat

Sometimes I just have to remind myself how lucky I am...I don't always want to sell her to 'morroccan monkey farmers'...only sometimes, like when I want to be asleep. I just wanted to keep everyone updated...especially the girls in Seattle (I think that's where they are today) since she has gotten so big recently...

A belated happy mother's day to all the mommies!


Eliza said...

I love the way you blog ducky!! And yes, we are in Seattle today. Mising you and all SO much, especially our little Lottie. Zelie occasionally tells us she wants to hug Lottie, and then signs 'love play' :-)
Very sweet! Miss you, kiss my Zoey for me :)

Tilly said...

I agree...your blog is just lovely. :) And I desperately want a big print of your diaper clothes line shot...the up close one...it's just perfectly wonderful. :)