Friday, May 2, 2008

Projects, Simplicity, and Cleaning!

My goal for the summer is to get our house more functional. I have decided that it is absolutely ridiculous that I can't keep the four rooms that we actually use in our house clean. So far I have made great progress in the kitchen and living room. They are easily picked up now and I'm caught up on the dishes. A dishwasher is at the top of the list for our next house. And the bedroom is in the midst of the clothing rotation so that will soon be fixed. My biggest problem is the dining/sewing/office room mostly because it serves so many functions. I have great (hopefully, cheap) plans for a craft cabinet center and desk so as soon I figure out precisely what I'm doing we can get that moving along.

The biggest help has been decluttering, weeding out the things we don't use. For only having been married for just under 3 years we have accumulated a lot of unnecessary things. So I'm very excited with our progress. Less things = less to clean up! And having a routine that I actually stick to will be a help too. This week has been almost on track, with a few minor Charlotte troubles at bedtime.

A big organization project is the large amount of fabric and sewing supplies that are spread around. I have great plans to use them all so I have to get better system so I can get to what I need. This week I'm going to finish up the skirts for my summer wardrobe. And then I can move on to try new patterns for Charlotte's fall clothes. Thanks to my nice Tilly I don't have to do anything for her summer clothes and Zoey is fully set. And then too quickly will come Halloween and Christmas. If anyone has any costume suggestions for the girls I'd love to hear them. And I think they will both get a quilt this year so I should get busy on those asap. My list keeps growing...aaaaahh!!! House needs to be functional so I can justify the amount of time I want to spend on fabric=)

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Tilly said...

Look at you all domestic!! :D Your place just keeps getting cuter, so keep up the good work!