Sunday, June 8, 2008

Never want to grow up...

My baby is 2!!!! I can't believe it...they just grow so fast. We had a nice quiet, rather warm day at home to celebrate. And she just loves having music of her own to listen to, dance to, and fall asleep to. She put herself in bed tonite--no fussing, no being told to lay back down, nothing. Now tell me why I didn't think of this sooner.

Looking forward to a busy week of making my house company ready and learning to cook a few things besides pb & j and bbq pizzas. I'll post pics of the finished products--no matter how good or bad they turn out... And my new & improved clothesline is up so I can catch up on laundry without having to leave home b/c the dryer is counteracting our poor tiny window air conditioners... someday I'll live somewhere w/ central air or maybe even somewhere that doesn't believe in temperatures above 70.

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Tilly said...

I love that second picture of her...that is such a uniquely Lottie face!! :) Hopefully their next two years will be easier on us. ;)