Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Productive domesticity!!!

My "big" girl's 1st cup of milk...not in a sippy cup

Pancakes--from scratch

Lentil Soup & Dumplings

Pinto Beans, Hoecakes, Onions & Collard Greens

I, Ducky, made three meals from scratch yesterday!!!! I'm very proud of myself and somewhat tired. I'm just glad it was enough food for more than one day so I don't have to do much today--works out well especially b/c my allergies have exploded...most likely due to the neighbor cutting his grass last night while I was outside getting the last of the laundry off the line. Yup, it was a busy day--cooking, washing clothes & dishes, and vacuuming! Off to rest during naptime and help my poor teething Zoey!


Tilly said...

Everything looks so yummy--you've inspired me to hurry up and get better so I can start being fancy too!

Eliza said...

Aw, your so cute and domestic my Duck!!
Love you :-) Kiss my Zoey for me!