Friday, December 12, 2008

She steps!

My Zoey took her 1st steps today!!! 4 of them...not in a row but 4 x's she took one step and then fell over but she did take step! And she did them for me, not that I'm selfish or anything like that;)

And Charlotte went right to sleep tonite!

Two tiny victories in the crazy life of the Duck! My Monkey is skiing with the boy scouts this weekend...the girls and I are surviving, I think!!!

Speaking of crazy I think I might be about 1/2 way done making Christmas presents and I can't even share what I have finished since I'm not entirely sure who all reads here. But I have made progress and I will post pics right after Christmas.

Sweet Charlotte in a rare calm moment

What Zoey was doing while I typed...playing in my scrap bin

My Monkey's birthday was last weekend...and this is what he bought...

Yes, those are shoes and he wears them everywhere. They make him giddy like a kid in a candy store and they are truly weird!

His cake

Zoey dressed up for Mom's Nite (she still gets to come)

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Tilly said...

Your girls are the prettiest nieces I have thus far!! ;) Can't wait to see those Christmas gifts...make sure you take pictures of everything before you wrap them!