Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Special Thank You Note...

Tis the season for being grateful and I'm horrible at remembering thank you notes so I will attempt to start the season on the right foot.

Thank you Buzz for all your help today! I would never have gotten finished without having extra hands for the kids. (Louie, please make sure he sees this)

Thank you Lisa at The Princess and the Monkey for drawing my name in your giveaway! I can't wait to see the tote!

Thank you Laureen for taking the loud child for a few hours! I can't believe how much quieter it is around here without her constant chatter. (I tried to tell her to stop talking this morning..."But Mommy I need talk you!")

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Thank you for the "Thank You". I had a giggle at your little ones "But Mommy I need talk you" cause I am getting the same thing ALL day and if she wants something I'm now getting "But Mommy I need to show you something"!