Sunday, September 16, 2007

Busy Busy!!

Miss Lottie and I have had a busy few days. Zac has been off camping with the Boy Scouts (should be getting home shortly :) ). We spent most of Friday in Winchester with Tilly & Jenny. Both JoAnn's & Old Navy were having sales. I found some very pretty fabrics to start Lottie's "big girl" quilt. And got some notions to finish up some projects that are in progress. Only a few more weeks until our ultrasound, and then I can start planning things for our new little one.

Yesterday, we spent most of the day playing at Tilly's. Lottie got to play with all of Jenny's toys, which of course are far more exciting than her own. And I got much needed help with a dress pattern. I wish they'd put the instructions in English, or at least in a way I can understand. But then again I'm very visual so as soon as Tilly showed me I completely understood. Joey (Tilly's hubby) came home early from the camping trip and they watched Lottie so I could go to Mass. Lottie had a blast because they took her to the park & to get ice cream, two of her favorite things.

I finished her dress this morning in time to get Eliza to help take pictures of it, pick up the girls from CCD and get them all dropped off and get to my parents in time for Sunday brunch. I am now finally sitting in peace and quiet...well it will be at least while she sleeps. The next two days are busy too. Zac and I are taking Lottie to the National Zoo tomorrow and we are going to Dayton and the farmer's market on Tuesday with Nana/Laureen. So much fun, so little time. Will update soon with pics from the zoo. I can't wait to go, especially since Lottie loves animals!

Here are some pics of Lottie's new dress! Miss Lottie loves showing off for the camera! She really likes looking at the picture right after it's taken so it takes some doing to keep her in front of the camera.

Max decided he needed to help with the pictures. Not so sure that Miss Lottie agrees.


Tilly said...

That dress turned out beautifuly! Hurray for Ducky!! We had a blast with you girls this weekend. Hope you have fun at the zoo! See ya Tuesday,

heyitseliza said...

Will you send me those pictures? I didn't realize I took them on your camera ;) xoxo