Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Zoo Trip

On Monday, Zac and I took Lottie on her first ever zoo trip! We had a wonderful day. Some of the animals were sleeping, but we still managed to see quite a few. Lottie's favorite is the elephant. We took her back to see them on the way out and she was singing and bouncing in her stroller with excitement. We also saw tamarins (little monkeys), meerkats, zebras, hippos, lions, tigers and of course since it was the National Zoo we saw a panda bear.

Some of my favorite pictures!

Zac & Lottie

The Asian Elephants

Meerkat posing for camera

A thoughtful gorilla

Lottie and Daddy watching the zebra

Yesterday, Lottie and I went on a picnic with Zac's family. We took the kids to the Maurertown Park and got some cute pics of the little girls (Lottie, Jenny, & Zelie) in their matching outfits. Of course with delayed preggie brain forgot to start taking pics until they were tired of sitting still. Ooops! We had lunch and played on the playground and then went to get apples to do caramel apples!

Lottie, Zelie, & Jenny

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Tilly said...

Those pictures are so cute!! :) You should get Eli to send you her shots...they're really sweet!