Sunday, September 23, 2007

Great Fun for Lottie!

Weekend Highlights--

We had a slightly busy but fun filled weekend! On Saturday we had brunch with my family to celebrate my sister's birthday. The lovely purse below was my gift to her. I keep tweaking the pattern and trying new handles. So every one I make is different in more ways than one. Lots of fun!

Miss Lottie got a new dress this weekend since she was nice enough to let Mommy sew in brief spurts. I think it is my favorite so far, very happy colors if I do say so myself.

She also got to try chocolate milk and play outside with Daddy and Thumbs too.

And now instead of being asleep like most children she is trying to convince Thumbs to play catch with her in the living room. She succeeds as long as he remembers to let her have it back. Not that she wasn't asleep but she decided she needed to eat before finishing her sleep for the night. So in between throwing the tennis ball she gets a handful of gummi bears. Bedtime snack of champions...or something! However, she is now requesting "Mommy cuddles" so off to bed we go!


Tilly said...

Oh that turned out great! I like how the handles worked on this one. And of course, Miss Lottie is so darn cute!! :) Sanks for a great day!

heyitseliza said...

cute cute cute