Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aquarium Day

Today we took the kids (Tilly & Joe & their kids came too...) up to Roanoke Island to go to the aquarium. For the record, I would sooo move to Manteo. It's such a cute little island town; the perfect combination of commercial and touristy stuff and local quiet town. The girls loved the aquarium. They got to see a sea turtle about a foot away from their faces. It swam up to say hi and waved at them. Zoey flipped out she was so excited. The divers in the shark tank really weirded Charlotte out. And one of the coolest things was the petting room. Zoey got to pet a starfish and a sting ray but was mostly excited about playing in the water. Charlotte got to pet the starfish, a guitar fish and a sea urchin. Jenny loved the sharks. I think the sea turtle was Charlotte's favorite. There was even a statue of one outside so we got pictures of the girls sitting on it.

We went to lunch at Big Al's, a great little 50's diner that is completely decorated in Coke products. So very fun! Zoey discovered a great love of coloring and peach milkshakes. And Charlotte reinforced her love of milkshakes and fries. The only way we kept her awake on the way home was by giving her more sips of my mocha shake.

I think there will be great disappointment in my girls when we have to go home. They are loving having everybody here to play with. Everytime we go out Charlotte has to check that we are coming back to the beach house for Gramps to cook dinner and for her to play with Zelie and Jenny. And Zoey would desperately like to go back to the beach (its been way too cold the last 2 days). Everytime she catches a glimpse of the waves outside the windows she asks to "go go". The good news is we have three more days to play and its supposed to get warmer. But it's also going to be rainy=( Tomorrow morning we're going to see the lighthouse at Bodie Island and then we'll go see the one on Okracoke on Friday.

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Gramps said...

Well, Gramps likes cooking for her, too...;-)