Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ocracoke and a rainy day...

Yesterday Zac and I took the girls down to Ocracoke Island. We were sooo afraid that Charlotte would freak out about the ferry but she thought it was a blast. We let them out of their carseats for about half the trip on the boat and they sat happily on our laps eating jelly beans. About half way between the ferry stop and the actual town we got ou quick to say hi to the ponies and jumped right back in the car because it was sooooo cold and windy. The actual town is so tiny and cute! I blinked and we were at the other end. We drove around for a few minutes and then went to find the light house. Let's just say its smaller than Hatteras. I almost didn't see it around the tree. But I got a couple of pics and then we went to find lunch. The only place open that had any cars in it was Howard's Pub and Raw Bar. They make the best french fries ever!!! The rest of the food was good too but I would make the drive just for the fries. I went into a gift store quick on the way out of town. They had two whole rooms crammed with t-shirts and the best prices I had seen so far so of course I bought one. Also, got Charlotte a shell necklace and some postcards. And of course by the time we got to the ferry it was full so we had to sit for another hour to catch the next one. Charlotte and I ran and got a couple quick pics on the beach. I also took some out the window but it was entirely too cold to be out of the car for more than a few minutes. Charlotte begged to get back in the car. Finally got on the ferry and made it back to the beach house. Charlotte of course had to double check that we were going back to the beach house. She keeps insisting its not time to go home yet even though we though we are moving to our "fancy new house" (her words) when we get home.

Today I got to sleep in. I had asked last night and apparently the girls conspired to help with that goal. They got Zac up at 7=) I got to sleep until 9:30, it was wonderful! It's been a very rainy day so we've done nothing! Just sat around the beach house like lazy bums. We are even ordering in pizza for a late night treat later. Tomorrow is our last day so we are going to Bodie Island and maybe Pea Island to look for turtles if the weather cooperates. And then very early we will be heading home on Saturday so we can start moving. I am soo excited and anxious. It almost makes me feel like more of a bum since I am at the beach and not home packing but we are just moving across town and we have the old house for another month so timing is not critical.

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A Piece of Quiet said...

Hurray that you're coming home!! I miss you all bunches. Thanks for posting about your sightseeing :D Your new house is fantastic~ Eli let me peek...CLOSETS!