Sunday, March 22, 2009

New house, new baby, and the Beach!

I have not been on the computer much during Lent so I have not updated in awhile. But we've had a pretty big and exciting few weeks. We've been sick a lot since the beginning of February but I think we might finally be over all the yucky bugs that have been going around. But in the midst of being sick I found out that we are expecting Baby#3 or "Shrimp" in October!!! So we are very excited to be adding to our little family. Charlotte and Zoey are all about giving the new baby kisses and zerberts. To add to our excitement we will be moving in April to accommodate having a new little one and so Charlotte can finally have a room of her own . In our current house she would have to have moved upstairs and the two options for rooms left a lot to be desired as far as safety for a soon to be 3 year old and she doesn't like to be alone so it was just too far. We found a newer duplex in a nice quiet neighborhood and it's close to the grocery store so we are very excited to move. But as I sit and dream of my nice new house I am currently looking at the ocean.

We are in the Outer Banks for a week with Zac's family. We've taken the girls down to see the water twice and each time has been better. Charlotte is afraid of getting wet and would not even take off her shoes to make footprints in the sand. Zoey thought making footprints was funny and every few steps she'd dig her toes in to make a deeper one. I got some really cute pics but forgot the camera cable at home so I will update with all the pics probably as soon as I get home and moved. We took the girls to see the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse this morning after church which was really neat. They moved it about 10 years ago and its currently getting cleaned up and ready for the busy season so we could not go up which might have been just as well since Charlotte freaked when Zac suggested touching it. The church down here is gorgeous. There is a big window behind the altar that looks out over the sound and its all wood inside with some really pretty stain glass windows. Later this week we are planning to see some more lighthouses and we'll take the girls to the aquarium. Mostly we will be relaxing and looking at the waves=) Pure laziness!!!

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