Friday, March 27, 2009

Last Day at the Beach

Last full day at the beach=( Somewhat sad but excited to go home and move. Eliza picked up the keys to our new house today and we get to start moving in tomorrow afternoon!!! Sooo excited to have a/c and two bathrooms and lots of closets ( I think I counted 8). Our current home is cooled by fans and window units with baseboard heat so this will be a big step up and technically has a closet under the stairs with a cloak closet upstairs in one of the semi unusable rooms. Its the little things I know.

Today we decided to drive up to the Bodie Island Lighthouse. It was a beautiful, warmish day when we left and by the time we crossed the bridge we were in pouring down rain and fog. Yuck! I hopped out to get some pics and got some postcards at the giftshop while Zac drove around in circles to keep the girls happy since of course I forgot to bring their jackets. On the way back we stopped at Pea Island, which is a really neat nature preserve. We were able to take the kids out on their little walkway to see the turtles which Charlotte loved. On the way back the big ones were hiding so she was somewhat disappointed but I got some pics so hopefully they turn out for her. I found a postcard with a turtle on it so that seemed to appease her.

The weather was still nice this afternoon at the beach house so I made Zac get up from a nap to help me take the girls to the beach with everyone else. Of course as soon as we all got outside it start to rain. We went down anyway and the girls had a blast. Charlotte was even excited to go down to the water. She freaked as soon as the frigid water hit her toes and refused to do it again (not that I blame her). But Zoey thought it was great fun as long as Zac held her, not a fan of cold water up to her diaper. Charlotte played in the san while nervously watching everybody else down by the water. Thankfully by the time she completely lost her mind about everyone getting very wet in the waves they decided they had had enough and we came back to the house.

Tonite they are a having a pizza party and then we will sleep and load up bright and early tomorrow for the long drive home. It will take a few days for internet to be operational at the new house so until then I will keep taking pics to share...and remembering funny quotes from Charlotte to brighten your day. Here is one to tide you over. One night last week Charlotte was helping me cook dinner and her comment as I placed the chicken on the tray to put in the oven "Good job Ducky! Mommy I'm so proud of you!"

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